Indiana FFA Announces 2019-2020 Slate Officer Slate

The individuals selected for state officer positions have been announced and await approval.

WEST LAFAYETTE, Indiana (June 19, 2019) – The 2019-20 Indiana FFA State Officer slate was posted Wednesday evening following the conclusion of the fifth session of the 90th Indiana State FFA Convention at Purdue University. These seven individuals have been chosen by a committee of peers and will be voted for approval at the sixth session of the convention to take place on the morning of Thursday, June 20. If elected, these individuals will serve as officers for the Indiana FFA Organization in the coming year.

The slate is as follows:

 President: Dillon Muhlenkamp,  Jay County FFA

Secretary: Caitlyn Lewis, Frontier FFA

North Region Vice President: Morgan Hinz, South Central FFA

South Region Vice President: Nathan Fairchild, South Decatur FFA

Treasurer: Noah Berning, Heritage FFA

Reporter: Taylor Roy, Franklin FFA

Sentinel: Eion Stephens, Tecumseh FFA

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