16-17 State Officer Favorite Moments

State Officers: A Moment of Reflection

The 2016-2017 Indiana FFA State Officers reflect on their year of service and favorite memories.

 “One of my favorite memories from my year in service was participating in Indiana’s Bicentennial Celebration. Our team and almost 90 awesome FFA members had the honor of holding every county’s sign and walking the streets of Indianapolis to celebrate Indiana’s 200th year. It was awesome to spend so much quality time with members as we waited to walk somewhere, and to represent my home county at the same time.” -Jessica Mars, Indiana FFA State President

 “My favorite memories with FFA members definitely were through conferences like LDW, FIRE, SOAR, Summer Challenge, and PLT. The week before each conference may have been a little stressful, but we know that every ounce of hard work was worth it. We saw members grow a tremendous amount between the Friday of the conference and the Sunday. The most eye opening part about getting to know FFA members is witnessing their growth from the beginning of the year to the end. You can just see their passions enhance and their want to serve be put into action. FFA members have allowed me to transform into a better version of myself because of how incredible they are.” -Sneha Jogi, Indiana FFA State Northern Region Vice President

 “One of the highlights of my year of State Office was Banquet Season. It was so neat to have the opportunity to travel around the State visiting Chapters we made connections and memories with. We got to see how far members and chapters have grown throughout the year and to see what all they have accomplished throughout our year of service. Banquet season was a great ending to our year and I couldn’t be more grateful for all of the chapters that welcomed us into their chapters like family.” -Emily Daugherty, Indiana FFA State Southern Region Vice President

  “My favorite memory of the year is FFA Week. I had a blast with the chapters I got the opportunity to visit while geocaching, roller skating, petting zoos, and much much more!” -Chaela Minor, Indiana FFA State Secretary

  “This year sure has been a whirlwind and there are several highlights of the year that I could discuss, however, there is one activity I was involved in that stands out the most to me.. This was the first large task for us State Officers to tackle and it was awesome. The great Indiana State Fair. We had the opportunity to spend time with FFA members that we would reconnect with several times throughout the year. In addition to that, engaging with the general public about agriculture was absolutely amazing. Top both of those off with a the constant fair excitement constantly surrounding us, it made for an amazing and one of a kind experience.” -Nathan Blume, Indiana FFA State Treasurer

 “For me, FFA Week was a huge highlight of the year. I was able to meet so many FFA members in such a short time and develop memories that will last a lifetime. My teammates and I loved our year as State Officers and our most impactful moments were those spent with members. Whether it was seeing a member succeed in a career development event, the growth they achieved during a weekend conference or watching all their hard work pay off at a chapter banquet it is incredible to see an organization transform the lives of so many people. Through all of their success, FFA members still continually went out of their way to selflessly serve others and embracing what it means to live to serve.” -Leah Jacobs, Indiana FFA State Reporter

 “My favorite memory and reflection of this year is chapter banquets. It was awesome to see how differently things are from chapter to chapter and see how everyone works differently. It was also super unique to be able to see our FFA members at their peak. They have worked all year for this moment and being able to be a part of the celebration was awesome!” -Logan Glassburn, Indiana FFA State Sentinel


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