BPA State Officers visit convention

Authored by Sidney Steele

During the opening session of the 87th Indiana FFA State Convention, I was lucky enough to run into some Business Professionals of America (BPA) Officers for the state of Indiana. The following officers were present: Mr. Jeb Reece, Indiana State President, Mr. Teren Smith, Vice-President of Administration, Ms. Danielle Musser, Vice-President of Communications, and Mr. Nate Gulde, Region IX President.

Gulde and Reece are very involved in BPA, and have been for the past three years. Both competed in numerous competitions and have had some awesome opportunities to attemd BPA State Conventions. After attending a FFA session,  I spoke to Gulde for several minutes about his personal thoughts on the opening session.

Gulde loves the fact that the stage for the session was very professional and had some “awesome looking stage effects,” Gulde stated. FFA conventions and this session, was proof of positivity for Gulde’s opinion. Gulde stated, “The FFA convention had many unique, interesting, and appealing qualities that make it very well put together.

Indiana FFA thanks Mr. Reece, Mr. Smith, Ms. Musser, and Mr. Gulde for their availibilty to attend the 87th Indiana FFA State Convention.


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