Advice for Future Generations

Authored by Rebecca Ruble, Drake Davis and Kervin Curtis

Being an agriculture educator can be a very rewarding experience on many levels. Some teachers are just beginning their journeys while others have dedicated a large portion of their lives to educating Americas’ future agricultural leaders.

When it comes time to finally set the chalk down at the board and go home early for once, these teachers are more than ready to share advice to future agriculture teachers. This year, seven advisors involved in Indiana FFA are retiring. Here is the advice that three of these educators want future advisors to know.

Newsroom spoke with Advisor Gary Mosbaugh about advice for the future. Mosbaugh said:

“There is never a dull moment. It is a very rewarding job to see the kids develop and grow through the years. If you love FFA and want to continue being involved and give back, this is the perfect job. The fellow ag teachers are good about helping each other. Don’t be afraid to ask your

neighboring teachers if you need help, you can get a lot of support from fellow advisors.”

Mr. Mosbaugh has been an agriculture educator and FFA Advisor for thirty-seven years.

“Be dedicated. Be active, yet don’t try to conquer the world. Also, teach the kids how they need to be taught according to their needs, keep the students’ needs in mind when you’re in the classroom. Teach to their interests but stay within educational standards,” said Elvon Cutter.

Mr. Cutter has been teaching for thirty-seven years with five years in the Purdue Extensions Program.

Other retiring agricultural educators include: Joe McCain, David Reese, Ben Helms, Jeff Sherfield, Dan Webb, Terry Kulenkamp and Don Hudson

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