McKain urged members to think differently

Authored by Brady Salesman

On Tuesday June 14th Scott McKain delivered his speech at the first general session.

He talked about his time as a child working in a small general store with his mom and dad to the time he rode in a cab that was driven by “Taxi Terry”.

Working with his family in that small general store, he explained the hardships placed upon the family when a supermarket had taken all of their business. He talked about a man who came into their store because he believed Scott’s family liked him.

Mr. McKain talked about when he rode in a taxi cab which was completely different from any taxi he had ever rode in before. He explained that the man who was named, “Taxi Terry”, found a way to make everyones cab ride enjoyable by telling them the area’s weather. Mr. McKain said this special effort made the cab a success.

Mr. McKain urged students that success was to try something different and that success is to face challenges that come from changes or fear. He said that success isn’t just from money and awards but what you can do to better yourself.

McKain served as the 1973-74 Indiana State FFA President, as well as the 1974-75 National.


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