The FFA Feeds the Day

Authored by Brady Salesman

On June 14th the Indiana FFA in part with Ceres Soulitions and ABC (All Because of Christ) came together at the Armory at the Purdue campus for one goal, time help feed those that are in need.

Every year the FFA holds a event in which they give back to the community. This year it was packaging food to give to the homeless. This event was sponsored by Ceres Soulitions the goal was to make as many meals to feed the homeless as possible.


A group of 26 people  were designated to a table and given jobs. Each one of these jobs were crucial in packaging this food. The first job was putting the food into bags then they send it to be weighed and then after they get the correct weight they send it to people to seal the package and then the last was to put it in a box and ship them out.

Aidan Boston a local member of the Indiana FFA said “It was a good time, that helped out a good cause. It also makes you fell really fortunate about what you have, and helps you learn to appreciate what you have.”

Another member named Eric Holscher said “It was a real rewarding experience especially when you realize the fact that people all around the world not just Indiana or even the United States but the world on general and it is a real rewarding experience when you realize the impact you have made on someone’s life.”


Below are some pictures of FFA members helping pack meals.

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