State Officers Welcome Members

The state officers would like to welcome you to the 87th Indiana FFA State Convention held at Purdue University. These next three days will be filled with leadership contests, sessions, proficiency awards, scholarships, workshops, and community service. These next three days are full of great things planned by the Indiana FFA State Officer Team. As State President, Kenzie Kretzmeier, stated on behalf of the officer team, “we do this all for them.” They put all the hours, dedication, thoughts, comments, and hard work into this convention for the members. In the past three months, the officer team has been working really hard to get everything together for convention, and have finally realized the reality of it all coming together.


The state officer team members are very excited for the opening celebration, as they feel it will really set the theme for convention, Amplify. They believe that this theme will truly set the bar for convention this year and for years to come. They want members to see this as a one chance convention, and get everything they possibly can out of it, while they “have fun”, Kretzmeier stated. They want members to connect with other members and meet new friends.


The state officer team is very excited to welcome you to Purdue University for the 87th Indiana FFA State Convention. They hope that over the next three days, members will Amplify their voices and goals and get Transformed.


Below is a picture of some members getting ready to conquer the rock wall during Monday evening at the Chapter Fun Night.





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