Life After FFA

Authored By: Sidney Steele

Becky Fouard was in charge of running one of the Leadership Workshops, Life After FFA. Ms. Fouard currently works at Elanco Animal Health. Becky served as the Kansas State FFA Reporter, then had the awesome opportunity to serve as the National FFA Secretary in 2007-2008. That set her up for the career that she loves. She then went into talking about using the skills we learned in FFA and using those in the future. Ms. Fouard focuses on food and companionship enriching life. She is where she is because of FFA. She told all the FFA members present to “Be the Brand” and “Good Steward of Time”.

After discussing that, Becky then split the room in half and made two teams, the flying ostrich, and the purple pandas. Two volunteers had to go up front and play “Name that Celebrity” They then read a clue about a celebrity person and then their teams helped them decided who they thought the celebrity was. Each of the celebrities, Reba McEntire, Tim McGraw, and Jimmy Carter had something in common. One of the members guess “FFA” and she was correct. Each of those celebrities have the success they have and all the things they have partially because of what they have learned within FFA.

Following that, Becky had each member grab a sticky note and gave them 45 seconds to think of a famous tag line and write it down. Such has “I’m loving it” for McDonalds. Then they found a large piece of white paper hanging on the wall that was closest to them. Then they made a semi-circle and had 2 minutes to guess one anothers’ tag lines.

After that, they discussed what makes a brand for about one minute then had one representative share with the whole group. One group shared “The name for products that you would know”, followed by another group who responded “the foundation of your company. The equality and what you pride yourself on”, and the last group shared “a good leader and a good product”.

Becky followed that by linking that to what a personal brand would be. After some discussion, they drew a line down the center of the white paper hanging on the way. On the top left side they wrote FFA, and on the right top side they wrote me. They then took four minutes to list some of their ideas on what elements make up FFA, what FFA represent, and what they think other people think of FFA. Then what elements make up an individual person, such as how they dress, such as for FFA: agriculture, crops, farmers, competition, speaking, and serving. For me, they come up with somethings such as: clothing, attitude, jobs, friends, and goals. 

Ms. Fouard then said: “Why do we need to understand the FFA Brand?”

Members shared their thoughts about: advocacy, understanding it and explain to others what we and our emblem represents.

So then she continued to discussing “Why do we need to understand a persons’ brand?”

Members shared their thoughts about: knowing what the other believes in and their personalities, and understand that everyone is different but equal.

They returned to their seats after the discussion and wrote down two things that explains their personal brand. Then shared with a partner next to them.

She showed all the members real examples of state officer and national officer tweets that aren’t a good representation of the FFA brand and of their brand. She linked that being your brand starts today. Make your brand. Because it was effect who you are in the future and where you go. The ended the workshop with this: “Time is our most valuable commodity…you can always earn money back, but you can never earn back time.”

Below is a picture of some members discussing different elements.


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