Indiana FFA welcomes 2016-17 State Officer Team

State Office 16-17 Final Photo.jpg

The 2016-17 Indiana State FFA Officer Team


President: Jessica Mars, Lebanon FFA

North Region Vice-President: Sneha Jogi, Hamilton Southeastern FFA

South Region Vice-President: Emily Dougherty, Whiteland FFA

Secretary: Chaela Minor, Clay City FFA

Reporter: Leah Jacobs, Eastern Hancock FFA

Treasurer: Nathan Blume, North Newton FFA

Sentinel: Logan Glassburn, South Newton FFA


Press Release can be found by clicking Indiana FFA State Officer Team 2016-17 Press Release.

Developing Indiana FFA Alumni

Authored by Brady Salesman

On Wednesday June 15th the Indiana FFA Alumni held a Boost your Impact workshop. It helped inform members about what the FFA Alumni is and what it does.

Presented by Allie Ellis the workshop talked about what FFA Alumni does and how it supports the members.

To begin with the members got into a group and informed others on what there chapter’s Alumni does to support them. Then they took the best answer from the group and wrote on a piece of paper and then shared it with the other.

Next the groups were given paper clips and we’re given a few minutes to explain why they had the best paperclip. In the end many similarities were made, one being the paper clips holds together just like the members of the chapters hold each other together


Advice for Future Generations

Authored by Rebecca Ruble, Drake Davis and Kervin Curtis

Being an agriculture educator can be a very rewarding experience on many levels. Some teachers are just beginning their journeys while others have dedicated a large portion of their lives to educating Americas’ future agricultural leaders.

When it comes time to finally set the chalk down at the board and go home early for once, these teachers are more than ready to share advice to future agriculture teachers. This year, seven advisors involved in Indiana FFA are retiring. Here is the advice that three of these educators want future advisors to know.

Newsroom spoke with Advisor Gary Mosbaugh about advice for the future. Mosbaugh said:

“There is never a dull moment. It is a very rewarding job to see the kids develop and grow through the years. If you love FFA and want to continue being involved and give back, this is the perfect job. The fellow ag teachers are good about helping each other. Don’t be afraid to ask your

neighboring teachers if you need help, you can get a lot of support from fellow advisors.”

Mr. Mosbaugh has been an agriculture educator and FFA Advisor for thirty-seven years.

“Be dedicated. Be active, yet don’t try to conquer the world. Also, teach the kids how they need to be taught according to their needs, keep the students’ needs in mind when you’re in the classroom. Teach to their interests but stay within educational standards,” said Elvon Cutter.

Mr. Cutter has been teaching for thirty-seven years with five years in the Purdue Extensions Program.

Other retiring agricultural educators include: Joe McCain, David Reese, Ben Helms, Jeff Sherfield, Dan Webb, Terry Kulenkamp and Don Hudson

BPA State Officers visit convention

Authored by Sidney Steele

During the opening session of the 87th Indiana FFA State Convention, I was lucky enough to run into some Business Professionals of America (BPA) Officers for the state of Indiana. The following officers were present: Mr. Jeb Reece, Indiana State President, Mr. Teren Smith, Vice-President of Administration, Ms. Danielle Musser, Vice-President of Communications, and Mr. Nate Gulde, Region IX President.

Gulde and Reece are very involved in BPA, and have been for the past three years. Both competed in numerous competitions and have had some awesome opportunities to attemd BPA State Conventions. After attending a FFA session,  I spoke to Gulde for several minutes about his personal thoughts on the opening session.

Gulde loves the fact that the stage for the session was very professional and had some “awesome looking stage effects,” Gulde stated. FFA conventions and this session, was proof of positivity for Gulde’s opinion. Gulde stated, “The FFA convention had many unique, interesting, and appealing qualities that make it very well put together.

Indiana FFA thanks Mr. Reece, Mr. Smith, Ms. Musser, and Mr. Gulde for their availibilty to attend the 87th Indiana FFA State Convention.


Conversation with the Indiana FFA State Star

Authored by Sara Edwards

Jake Wicker, Indiana FFA State Star in Agricultural Placement

What was the most challenging part of your SAE?
 “The hardest part would definitely be balancing my time. I guess you can say it its hard giving it your all in everything that you have to do. With my time being so spread out, it was very hard sometimes.”
What is your SAE?
 Ag Sales, Equine Science, Forage Production
How will this honor impact your SAE?
 “This is my last year as an FFA member, and means that I have reached the last stop of my FFA career as well as the highest point I can reach. However, I plan to continue my program I began through FFA as I move onto my next chapter of life, and keep on improving it and adding more quality. There’s never a stopping point when it comes to improvement.”